Fussy Baby? 5 S's for Soothing!

Everyone is always excited to bring that new little bundle of joy home. Those first few weeks many people have support from family members or friends to let the new parents adjust. But once everyone goes home and your partner goes back to work, it starts to set in. Thoughts cross your mind like; It's just me and this baby, how am I going to do it? Don't worry, you will become a pro soon enough but Try these 5 evidence-based Tips to help sooth that little one down.

*Swaddling in a wrap to constrain arms and legs... remember practice makes perfect! * Side or Stomach holding (only while baby is awake) * Shushing sounds of voice, radio static, fan, air conditioner, or car ride. Babies are use to sounds. * Swinging gently- this movement mimics your day to day movement while your little one was in the womb. *Sucking on a pacifier, finger, or hand- babies can learn to self sooth if you let them.

We hope you found this helpful!

Reference: Pediatric News, November 2018, Behavioral Consult


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