Healthy, Happy Families in 2023!

If you are familiar with Meadows Medical Center you know our tag line is "Doing Healthcare Differently". Starting 2023 we want to ensure that every visitor to our office or website has a greater understanding of what that tag line means. Here is Dr. Dana explaining it all.

Hello Friends!

"Doing Healthcare Differently" is taking an integrated healthcare approach, which is caring for the whole person; mentally, physically and emotionally right here in my office. 0 to 18 year old children need that continuity of care to build intimate and trusting relationships with their doctor. I want each of my patients and their parents to feel like Meadows Medical Center (MMC) is their medical home. We are easily accessible both in the office and through our video visits. Pediatric Healthcare should be a partnership between the kids, their parents and myself. I want everyone to have a voice and feel like I have taken the time to hear and care for their needs.

For my middle school and high school age patients, I want them to know this is a safe place to share the good, bad and ugly of their life experience. Navigating thought this time has its many challenges so we also offer individual, small group and group adolescents programs to work though those day to day challenges. Making sure they find MMC a comfortable space to be in while they are sharing the personal parts of their lives is of upmost importance.

Lastly, I want the families that we serve to be happy and healthy in 2019. 365 days is a long time maintain optimal health without support. That's why we are here to be that trusted friend who wants what is best for you! Come see me I would love to meet you and your little ones in 2023!

Happy New Year!

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