• The Importance of Childhood Immunizations
    The Importance of Childhood ImmunizationsAlthough there is a myriad of information at your fingertips regarding vaccines, all these sources can actually make them more difficult to understand. Some of the Read more
  • Benefits of Autism Screenings
    The Centers for Disease Control estimates that autism impacts roughly 1 percent of the world’s population. Many tens of millions of people, at least, have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Read more
  • Interest In Finding a Pediatrician?
    When our children hurt, we hurt. We want to find a doctor that specializes in the unique needs of kids so that any pain or hurt our kids may be feeling is minimized. Children Read more
  • Immunizations Schedule: What to Know
    Vaccines help to protect the body from dangerous diseases. Vaccines also help to prevent disease spread and protect the immunocompromised. Getting vaccinated causes an antibody response, which protects you without Read more
  • The Importance of Preventive Care
    When your child is dealing with an issue or a sickness, you obviously know to go to your pediatrician for advice and help to take care of them, but what Read more
  • What Is the Best Age To Diagnose Autism?
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 44 kids is autistic. Early autism diagnosis is essential for getting your kids early and effective treatment. Your Read more
  • Children’s Fitness for Sports
    Not sure where you can get a sports physical for your child? School and sports physicals are among the services offered by your Kokomo, IN, pediatrician, Dr. Dana Stewart of Read more
  • Vaccines and Immunization: Are They Necessary?
    Almost everyone knows that vaccines are important, but you may not fully know why they’re so important. Dr. Dana Stewart at Meadows Medical Center in Kokomo, IN, can help you Read more
  • Keeping Your Child on a Vaccine Schedule
    While no one likes getting needles they are an important part of keeping your child or teenager healthy. There are so many life-threatening and serious conditions that could affect your Read more
  • Gearing up for Summer Travel? Know when it is not a good idea.
    Who doesn't love a get-a-way with the family to a sunny beach. We all look forward to the weeks we can unplug, spend time with the ones we love the Read more
  • Teen Drivers... Yikes!
    The right of passage most will experience in their teens is the monumental 16th birthday and acquiring driving licenses. While teens are over the moon with excitement, most parents have Read more
  • Climate Change and Kids Health
    We all know there are people who don't believe in climate change. As a healthcare professional, It is important to look at changes in the environment to better educate families Read more
  • Disruptive Behavior Disorders
    What are Disruptive Behavior Disorders? "Disruptive behavior disorders (DBD) can seriously impact a child’s daily life. Children with disruptive behavior disorders show ongoing patterns of uncooperative and defiant behavior. Their responses to Read more
  • Healthy, Happy Families in 2019!
    If you are familiar with Meadows Medical Center you know our tag line is "Doing Healthcare Differently". Starting 2019 we want to ensure that every visitor to our office or Read more
  • Fussy Baby? 5 S's for Soothing!
    Everyone is always excited to bring that new little bundle of joy home. Those first few weeks many people have support from family members or friends to let the new Read more

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