Teen Drivers... Yikes!

The right of passage most will experience in their teens is the monumental 16th birthday and acquiring driving licenses. While teens are over the moon with excitement, most parents have mixed feeling. Yes, it would be nice not being the unpaid chauffer but the worry of your child's safety can keep you up at night. This is not to provoke fear, just some facts we like to share. "Teen drivers (15–19 years of age) have the highest rate of motor vehicle crashes among all age groups in the United States and contribute disproportionately to traffic fatalities. In addition to the deaths of teen drivers, more than half of 8- to 17-year-old children who die in car crashes are killed as passengers of drivers younger than 20 years of age."

The Good News: The number of teenagers killed in motor vehicle accidents has decreased by almost 50% over the last decade. "This reduction in teen traffic deaths reflects vehicle safety advances, improvements in seat belt use and impaired driving enforcement, and the impact of graduated driver’s licensing (GDL) laws, which have been used to promote skills development through behind-the-wheel supervised experience and reduced exposure to risky driving situations."

Parents play a critical role is discussing safe driving practices and monitoring their child's driving behaviors. Be there to support though the learning process, keep good tabs on who they let in the car while they are behind the wheel and keep harping on minimizing distractions while driving. Happy Parenting and Good Luck!



Reference: Pediatrics October 2018, VOLUME 142 / ISSUE 4

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