Children’s Fitness for Sports

Not sure where you can get a sports physical for your child? School and sports physicals are among the services offered by your Kokomo, IN, pediatrician, Dr. Dana Stewart of Meadows Medical Center.

Physicals protect your child's health

Sports physicals ensure that your child is healthy enough to play sports. Unfortunately, problems that could affect your child's ability to play sports safely aren't always noticeable. During school and sports physicals at Meadows Medical Center, Dr. Stewart looks for signs and symptoms of conditions or injuries that could affect your child's health during vigorous activity.

Young athletes may worry that they won't be able to play sports if the doctor finds an issue, but most children do receive clearance to play sports after the physical. In fact, your child's pediatrician may prescribe medication or offer advice that will make it possible to play despite a chronic health condition. For example, a child with asthma may only need to use an inhaler before and during practice and games.

What your child can expect at the physical

Your child's height and weight will be measured during the physical. Blood pressure will also be recorded. The doctor will listen to your son or daughter's lungs and heart, check joint strength and flexibility, and examine his or her nose, throat, eyes, and abdomen.

Your child's medical history provides important information about your child's health. During the visit, the doctor may ask questions about your child's medical history, health conditions, immunization records, and any medications taken. If your child is missing an immunization, it can be provided during the physical. Your child's pediatrician can also provide helpful information about diet, conditioning, and the importance of using pads and other protective gear while playing or practicing.

School and sports physicals help keep your child safe! Call (765) 252-4575 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stewart of Meadows Medical Center.

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