Climate Change and Kids Health

We all know there are people who don't believe in climate change. As a healthcare professional, It is important to look at changes in the environment to better educate families regarding their child's health.

The effects of climate change on a child health includes:

  • Physical and psychological stress due to weather disasters (e.g. hurricanes, flooding, wildfires)

  • Increased heat stress

  • Decreased air quality

  • New and altered disease patterns

  • Food, water, and nutrient insecurity

"Pediatricians are already seeing the effects of climate change in their patients. Because of climate change, winters are shorter, making outdoor allergy seasons longer and warmer. This worsens allergies and increases the chances of asthma symptoms. Ozone Action Days are becoming more frequent as emergency departments receive more asthma-related admissions each year."


Reference: The American Academy of Pediatrics

It is important to talk to your healthcare provider about the environment your child is in if there are any concerns about it contributing to their poor health.

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